Firstly, we are thankful to Mauritius Gymkhana Club for giving Moura Trading Investment (MTI) the opportunity to be partnered in this special event that comes once a year, MTI looks forward to continuing this partnership in the coming years.

Empowering staffs & caddies (this competition is met to give special focus on staffs and caddies)

MTI social responsibilities
MTI is involved in many other activities such as boxing at the regional level, school material for needy students, swimming suit for Richelieu Govt School, many other activities in collaboration with village councils.

Moura Trading Investment (MTI)
Moura Trading Investment is a specialized funeral scheme manager that develops, sells, and administers its own range of funeral plans. Since 2013, we continue to offer a complete funeral plan solution to all of Mauritius, with a focus on value creation for our policyholders. MTI is in the final stages of being granted its official license from the Financial Services Committee and will be the very first licensed Funeral Scheme Manager in Mauritius. The primary objective of this business is to safeguard its policyholder’s funeral scheme contributions, whilst developing cost-effective & value-added products and ensured its commitment to the social and cultural upliftment of the diverse communities it serves.

Moura Operations
The primary objective is to be the preferred memorial service provider across the Mascarene Islands through the provision of owned and managed funeral halls, crematoriums, including world-class mortuary facilities, modern facilities, high-quality services, and a specialized fleet all of which we ensure to provide bereaved families with internationally recognized services. MOURA has the very first of its kind funerarium in Mauritius, based in Petite Riviere. This funerarium has 4 unique funeral halls, each with its own private garden and cafeteria, and can be customized to respect all faiths and religions.