Can you give a mini-summary of the history and the services offered by your company?

Moura Trading Investment (MTI) is a specialized funeral scheme manager that develops, sells, and administers its own range of funeral plans. Since 2013, we continue to offer a complete funeral scheme solution to all of Mauritius, with a focus on value creation for our policyholders.

The primary objective of this business is to develop cost-effective products that add value to the lives of its policyholders whilst safeguarding their funeral scheme contributions.

With its specialized experience across the entire funeral industry value chain, MTI can bring together various industry leaders to assist with the development of these unique products and services.

An example of this is the MOURA FUNERAL SCHEME. All funeral plans within this funeral scheme are guaranteed a funeral service done by MOURA, a leading funeral director in Mauritius. A policyholder can choose from a range of funeral plans that suit both their budget and personal preferences. Additionally, all policyholders have access to preferred pricing and services on any available upgrade at MOURA

What are the values and vision of the company?

MTI would like to offer Mauritius a wide range of products that not only respect the country’s rich cultural and religious diversity but also individual’s personal preferences

What are the recent/future projects?

MTI will introduce more enhanced funeral plans into the market. Products that are developed together with carefully selected partners are aimed at addressing the specific needs of Mauritius.

What are the benefits of taking out an MTI funeral plan?

  • Piece of Mind: funeral service wishes are preplanned

  • Price Lock: protection against rising funeral costs

  • Personal Choice: personalized funeral service benefits

  • Professional Service Providers: let the professionals take care of the details

Why is the public turning to funeral plans instead of having traditional funerals performed by family?

There are a surprising number of decisions that have to be made when arranging a funeral. With the decisions already made, families can focus on supporting each other during an emotional time. Preplanning removes the possible financial stress on a family when faced with the death of a loved one.

What is the budget to be expected? How is the contribution made?

MTI funeral plans range from as little as Rs150 per month and will depend on chosen funeral services, individual ages, and a number of dependents. In order to promote the safety and health of customers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MTI has embraced the technological changes that are occurring globally and offers a range of cashless payment options. These include,

  • Standing Order
  • MCB Juice
  • MyT Money
  • MyT Push Payment
  • Emtel Cash
  • IB payments

What are the industry trends / what types of ceremonies do customers prefer?

We see more and more families wanting bespoke funeral service offerings that reflect personal wishes as well as respecting their religious or cultural beliefs.

Have you noticed a trend in the number of people signing up for funeral plans?

Definitely, people have busy lives and are becoming more informed in terms of their available choices. Once you understand the benefits of preplanning it becomes a natural choice to sign – up